Week 1 mha5030 current economics in healthcare– discussion and


This week will take a brief look at utility and demand production costs and supply, which is microeconomics as it relates to healthcare. Let’s take a look at the economy as a whole, where you will discuss the market versus the government as a leader or regulator of healthcare. You will further discuss the assumptions underlying the competitive model and its implications for markets and the government. With this brief background into the economics of healthcare, the learner will be prepared to delve deeper into the economics of healthcare as it is in the twenty-first century.

Your Learning Objectives for the Week:

  • Assess the U.S. Health Care System in terms of the business enterprise, economic systems, and basic economic principles.
  • Evaluate economic issues relevant to the healthcare policy debate.
  • Interpret the factors that affect the supply and demand for and health services in order to predict responses price, quality, and other factors commonly influenced by health policies.

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