Week 6 questions | Management homework help

CH-13 (p.550) Questions 1-3  & (p.550-551) (Minicase) Questions 1-3

CH-14 (p.595) Questions 1-7 & (p.596-97) (Minicase) Questions 1-2

It has to be in APA format. It needs to be brief but should answers whatever the question demands. I have attached the textbook with it!!!  I am also attaching my last assignment with correction notes on it just so you could get an idea of how my professor grades these assignment. grading Rubric is also attached with the post.

Assignments are to be one (1) submission, with a properly formatted American Psychological Association (APA) title page, reference page, and headings to delineate chapters & sub-topics. If you need help with APA formatting, please go to writing center – they are awesome! I highly recommend purchasing an APA 6th edition manual (only the current 6th edition manual is acceptable) or Google Purdue OWL for APA and bookmark it for referencing. These are the only two acceptable sources (all others have numerous errors). It is each student’s responsibility to research APA when writing each paper, to insure the format is collegiate writing.

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