Weekly writing assignment of pa 315

 Module 2 Weekly Writing Assignment 

Writing Assignment – respond to the following questions.

1. What are the three most important takeaways/lessons from the material provided in this module? (150 words or more)

2. Drawing on the material that was provided what else would like to know? What other related questions/ideas/topics would you like to explore in the future? (100 words or more)

3.  Which model of government-business relations do you believe is the most “realistic” and why (provide examples)?  (100 words or more)

(Video address link:https://csusb.blackboard.com/bbcswebdav/pid-2500000-dt-content-rid-14906890_1/xid-14906890_1


  http //www.youtube.com/watch?v = y6tljCXVSdc

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