Your financial statements | intro to business


One of the best ways to learn about financial statements is to prepare them. Put together your personal balance sheet and income statement, using Table 14.1 (see p. 554 in course textbook) and Table 14.2 (see p. 557 in course textbook) as samples. You will have to adjust the account categories to fit your needs. Here are some suggestions:

◦ Current assets—cash on hand, balances in savings and checking accounts

◦ Investments—stocks and bonds, retirement funds

◦ Fixed assets—real estate, personal property (cars, furniture, jewelry, etc.)

◦ Current liabilities—charge-card balances, loan payments due in one year

◦ Long-term liabilities—auto loan balance, mortgage on real estate, other loan balances that will not come due until after one year

◦ Income—employment income, investment income (interest, dividends)

◦ Expenses—housing, utilities, food, transportation, medical, clothing, insurance, loan payments, taxes, personal care, recreation and entertainment, and miscellaneous expenses

After you complete your personal financial statements, use them to see how well you are managing your finances. Consider the following questions:

  1. Should you be concerned about your debt ratio?
  2. Would a potential creditor conclude that it is safe or risky to lend you money?
  3. If you were a company, would people want to invest in you? Why or why not?
  4. What could you do to improve your financial condition?

This assignment submission must have an APA cover page.  Submitted assignment must include a balance sheet and an income statement.  Options for submission are:


  • Excel Spreadsheets (submitted as separate files) and a separate MS Word file with answers to questions (to include APA cover page), or
  • one submitted MS Word document that has inserted (cut and paste) Excel tables or created MS Word tables to represent balance sheet and income statement.

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